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DEECALL offers post-paid digital international & domestic calling service


What makes DEECALL Digital Voice Trunk different from others?

  • We are the first service provider in Thailand to provide ISDN PRI e1 on SIP trunk over leased line internet
  • We provide post-paid domestic & international custom packages
  • Quick implementation
  • No need to change your dialing pattern
  • Partial voice trunk for business start up (10, 20, 30 ports)
  • No need to change your existing number
  • Converts analog to digital line
  • Fast installation
  • Very economical and 100% mobility
  • Smartphone-friendly



We use secured bandwidth such as MPLS or Leased Line circuits to connect with our customers. Most firewalls are not SIP aware and so the enterprise must choose between deploying a firewall that breaks the SIP system and implementing SIP trunking without the security of a firewall. However can bypass the office firewall by connecting the digital trunk over a secured private network.

Digital Voice Trunk



We are HD codec (G722) compatible, which delivers HD quality. This is useful for applications such as on a local area network where the bandwidth is readily available and offers a significant improvement in speech quality over older narrowband codecs such as G711. Environments where bandwidth is more constrained may prefer one of the more bit-efficient codecs, such as G722.1 (Siren7) or G722.2 (AMR-WB).